Mules vs. Slides

You’ve probably heard about mules or slides lately…or maybe you haven’t. But, you’ve definitely laid eyes on a pair of these trendy, weird looking (perhaps) shoes via Instagram. Don’t worry, we’re going to get into mules vs. slides and what each is in just a second

What Are Mules?

Mules are supposed to be open back, slip on shoes with a closed toe. They can be flat or with a heel

These are mules:  closed-toe slip on shoes

Before you say, mules are clogs…no! Clogs are chunky with wooden or rubber soles. I like to think that mules are more refined, sophisticated, and on trend. Clogs are German beer girl-esque and not okay in public.

What Are Slides?

Slides are quite similar to mules, but I promise, they’re different. Just like the mules, they slip on and can be flat or with a heel. When comparing mules vs. slides, slides are supposed to be open toe. So, in a way, slides could be a bit more refined than mules.

These are slides: open toe, slip on sandals

In Conclusion

The important part is not that you know the difference between mules vs. slides. Actually, it’s that you own a pair of these shoes for the spring/summer 2021 season. And now you can shop our fashionable and trendy slides collection on our website